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Hot Buffalo Chicken Fillet

1-Chicken Fillet 4 lb Cut Into 2 X 2 Inch Pieces
2-Vegetable Oil 4 Table Spoon
3-Paparika / Red Food Color 2 Table Spoon
4-Pepper Powder 1 Table Spoon
5-Sea Salt / Regular Salt 1 Table Spoon
6-Vinegar 2 Table Spoon
7-Cyan Pepper / Roghani Mirch 1 Tea Spoon
8-Nutmeg Powder a Pinch or Two(Optional)
9-Siracha / Thai Red Pepper, Garlic sauce 1 Table spoon
10-Ginger Garlic Paste 1 table spoon
For Coating:
Egg 2 nos.
Bread Crumb 1 cup

 For Baking: 
1 Aluminum Foil Tray for Baking and Lining

1 Aluminum  Foil to cover.

A-Add all the ingredients in a bowl mix well and marinade for more than 2 hrs in a refrigerator.
B-Take a small bowl and whisk eggs and keep aside as well as take 2 plates and spread flour and bread crumbs individually and set a side.
C-Now Take it out the marinaded chicken fillets and put in a room temperature atleast for 45 min.
D-Make ready your Oven for 320 degree foreign-height pre heated and take an Aluminum Foil Tray for Baking and Lining set a side.
E-Now take each marinaded chicken and rub into the flour plate first then dip into the beaten egg and rub again with bread crumbs and keep into the Aluminum Foil Tray, repeat same until you finish all the chicken.
F-After oven is pre heated set a timer for 45-60 min. cover your tray and put into the middle of your oven for 20 min and remove and remove foil and turn other side and again put into the oven for 20 min.
G-After that remove from the oven and baste with the remaining egg and put 5-10 min a side in a high heat 350-370 degree and serve hot with carrot slices and Ranch or Blue Cheese.

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