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Apple Most Awaiting iOS 5 Top Features that Makes the iPhone 4 Even Better

Apple iOS 5 features are out – officially declared by Apple. While the OS itself is set to come out later this fall 2011, the features are sure rocking the world. The most important thing about iOS 5 is that it enhances quite a lot of things on the devices. With iOS 5, quite a number of things are about to change. The iOS 5 features range from great changes in the Photo App, to the Notification Tab, and to web browsing. A lot of things have been added, tweaked and made better by Apple this time and also that it only up-gradable to iPhone 3gs, iPhone 4 and iPads

iOS 5-Most notable changes are the iMessages, the Newsstand App, the Camera (access from the Lock Screen), and the overall integration of iCloud – which again is supposed to release this fall.

IMessages - The iMessages is another awesome feature. Of all the iOS 5 features, this one is probably the most sought after because it lets you message unlimited (for free) via your Wi-Fi or 3G connectivity! The iMessage is built right into your Messages, so you do not have to open a new App for it. And moreover, it integrates quite well with the Messages app too!

Newsstand - The Newsstand App is surely a very powerful addition amongst the iOS 5 features – it brings you all your subscriptions quite literally to one place – your Newsstand on the iDevice. With neat alerts too, iOS 5 makes sure you don’t miss new issues!

Notification Center - There has been a massive revamp in the Notification Center. Now, the Notification Center no longer works as before – which was quite annoying to many people. Quickly disappearing notifications are seen as a welcome iOS 5 feature. Swipe-down has been enabled for notifications so all your notifications is just up there, ready to be swiped down. Not just this, but you can now add a lot of stuff to your Notification Center, too, including stocks, weather, and more.

Reminders – This gives you a better way to manage your to-do lists. You can migrate them across many apps and also make them go across iCloud – another new feature about to come this fall – so any update on any device gets reflected on all other devices.

Photos – This is the best. You don’t have to go for photo editing apps for anymore for those touch-ups, crops and the works. It all comes built-in with your Photos app which means you can spice up your photos right after you capture them!

Camera – There may be times when you don’t have the time to unlock your phone and then click the photo. iOS 5 lets you access the camera app right from the lock screen. For More Details CLICK HERE

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