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1- Mutton-Lamb 1.5" X 1.5" Leg Pieces / Chicken Leg Pieces 1 LB (SKIN LESS)
2- Basmati Long Grain Rice 2hr Soaked Rice 2 cups or .5 lb
3- Dip Fried Crisp Golden Brown Onion Rings 1 cup
4-Red Onion chopped 1 cup
5-Garam Masala Like: 3 cloves, 4-6 green cardamom, 1 " stick cinnamon, 6-8 pepper corn, 2 bay leafs, 1 teaspoon Shah Jeera (Special Tiny Cumin) -you can easily find it on Indian Grocery Store.
6- Green Chilly 2 chopped
7- Fresh cilantro/coriander leaf chopped 2 teaspoon
8 fresh mints leaves chopped 2 teaspoon.
9-clarified butter / non salted butter 1 stick 4-6 table spoons
10-mustard oil 5 table spoon
11- Roasted cashew 20 flakes
12-saffron a little with soaked in 4 table spoon of milk --optional but it essential for Hyderbady baryonic.
13- Sugar 1 teaspoon.
14 salt to taste
15 ginger garlic paste 2 teaspoon each
16 lemon juice 1 table spoon
17 plain yoghurt 2 table spoons
18 Kasmiri Mirch/ Paprika 1 teaspoon
19 turmeric powder 1/2 teaspoon
20 coriander and cummin powder 1/1 teaspoon each
21 chicken broth or stock 1 cup
22- Hard Boiled Egg whole golden fried 2


A- Take a wok or pressure cooker and lit the flame and put the muster oil and sprinkle whole garam masalas mentioned in #5 then after crackling add chopped onion and sauté it for a while then add mutton/chicken pieces and add salt -turmeric and stir well to mix well put a flame in med-high with continuesouly stirring after 5 min just lid them and cook for 15 minutes on low -medium flame and add ginger garlic paste cumin-coriander powder , lemon juice and yoghurt and stir well to mix well then after 2 min add chicken broth or stock and cook until done and keep a side.

B- take a deep vassal and boil enough water for the rice and put soaked rice onto it if you put ill bit chicken broth onto this boiling water that’s awesome and put ill bit salt and sugar and 1 teaspoon butter and cook until rice is 75-80 % done not more than that and strain it with strainer and keep a side.

C- now take another deep vassal with thick bottom heat a flame with low-med and put some butter and add 1/3rd of mutton/chicken curry sprinkle coriander and mint leaves and 1/3rd of 75-80% done drained rice and sprinkle roasted cashew, roasted onion rings and 1/3rd of butter and 1/3rd portion of soaked saffron on milk then repeat same layer process in total three times and lid them tight and seamer it for 15 minutes and turn off the flame and leave it for 30 min then serve it on whole plate string gently so that rice grain does not crushed and mean time mix all the mutton-chicken flavor comes up. Decorate with half eggs, roasted onion and lemon wedges.


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