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Sano Sansar- People Meet...Love Happens...Truely Simple Youth Centric Todays Movie by a story teller Alok Nembang

300 plus music video director Mr. Alok Nembang quite relieved and might happy with the response of his debute movie "SANO S A N S A R".

Its a simple, truely youth-centric today's movie for the teenagers. No Rona Donas, some of the scenes are not neccessary as it has in the film.Songs are quite good and its perfectly fits into the situations like "Sayad Maya..", "Samjhauta.." whereas the tittle song "Sano Sansar" has been already hits the chart.The director made this movie for the youth and its quite good to watch. All the star cast has been picked perfectly in their character.Leading Actors/Actress is not a Star from Kaliwood but they are not looking as others looks in their debute. The cinematography is perfect and Kathmandu looks so beautifull as it seen till date in movies.

Direction is remarkable in terms of his debute movie and he is the new hope for the film fertinity, fine story teller. The main hero of this movie is its SIMPLICITY. Nembang excilency is to move a simple day to day life of teenagers and what it deals with the body language of casts and the tongue they used all capatulised in approx 2.20 hrs length with the theme "People Meet...Love Happen" with siplest way thats increadible.Actress Namrata Shrestha looks gorgeous and had capabilities to show her emotions with her lovely eyes as well as from body language lots of potential she has.Mahesh Shakya has shown his acting talent and fits only him with the role he has offered. Jivan Luitel has the least role as compare to both of them but he is impressive.

Ravi(Mahesh Shakya) is an average guy who has just graduated from college. Like most average guys, he doesn't know what he wants in life. Reetu(Namrata Shrestha) is a not so average girl knows what she doesn't want. Suraj(Binay Shrestha) is a sureheaded fellow who knows exactly what he wants in life. Manoj Sizapati (aka Siza) wants what every guy wants...

Little do they know that they are living in a Sano Sansar where everyone knows everyone even if they think they do not know them...

In totality this film bang on the target in cities and plexes with teenagers thats for sure.Although it has not look like a cellulide in total it can be more vibrant but wholesome its a debute film with debtant actors. Alok Nembang the name we can expect more in the future...weldone. Rating 3.5 on 5.
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