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Singing BOWL-Relaxation into Inner Space.

The most obvious effect of singing bowls is the deep relaxation they can produce. I have seen people going into as state of deep relaxation in only five or ten minutes. After a stressful day, I play my biggest bowl, and after half an hour I feel totally relaxed. A welcome healing tool in our modern times!

For the best results, lie down in a comfortable position,
and place the bowl on your chest. It is advisable to put an anti-slip mat (small rolls of it are available in hardware stores, an open mesh rubber matting usually for kitchen use) under the bowl, so it will not slide down. Take the striker in your hand and strike the bowl. It takes a little practice to strike the bowl at the right angle. You will notice that, because the bowl is so close to your ears now, that you can hear more of the lower sounds. Most important is that you can feel the physical vibration of the bowl going into your chest and from there spread to other parts of the body. Some people can even feel the vibrations go through their legs. The chest, being an air chamber, acts as a resonator, and the sound waves traveling through the body are a fine massage to all the cells and organs, plus the sounds picked up by the ears make the brain waves go into a relaxed state.

Depending on the shape of your body you might want to raise up your head a little, otherwise the bowl the bowl might slide towards your face. You can always use a finger tip or two to control the position of the bowl to get it just right. Listen to the sound waves and their patterns, the lower and higher sounds and let yourself ride on an ocean of sound. It will make you so relaxed that after a while you may forget to strike the bowl again. Of course you can put the bowl on your belly, or even on your legs if you want to. Again, depending on how you are built you can lie face down and put the bowl on your upper back. It’s not as easy, but it can be so good for tension there.

Ma Ta Sikkime Hazur- Saurams First Cross Border Video Directed By- Alok Nembang

Couple of weeks ago a Nepali Thito Offered To Act A Video Directed By Welknown Director(Music Video, Documentory & Celluloid) Mr. Alok Nembang and Its Been So Great To See A 21 Years Old Nepali Guy Act So Confidently In A Cross Border Visual For Sikkim, India. The Glimps Are Looking Beautifull and Location As Well .

The New Artist Is Called "Sauram Raj Tuladhar". He Has Already Done Couple Of Music Video Like " Bhandinah Ma..." Bijesh Poudel's "Saloni" Janak Deep Fame and Seems Quite Promising And Definaetly this " Ma Ta Sikkimme Hajur " Boosts His Acting Talent. Weldone Sauram!


Gajar Ko Haluwa

Gajar Ka Halwa
Portio: 10 Preparation time: 45-50 minutes Cusine: Indian Desert
5 cups milk
1 tin sweetened condensed milk
3/4 kg carrots
1-2 tbsp sugar
2 tsp ghee or butter
50g nuts/raisins

1-Grate the carrots, add to the milk and bring to a boil. Cook on slow fire stirring occasionally, till milk dries up.

2-Add condensed milk and sugar. Cook on slow fire till dry (for about 25 to 30 minutes) stirring occasionally.
3-Add ghee and cook for another 10 minutes.
4-Garnish with nuts, raisins and serve hot.

Chicken Biryani

Portion: 4-6 Course: Main Cusine:Indian

1 kg basmati rice
1 kg chicken
3-4 onions, chopped into long slices
8 green chilies, sliced long
1 cup coconut, grated
A pinch of saffron
2 cups ghee (butter) or oil
Salt to taste
1 tsp chili powder
1 bunch cilantro, mint leaves
6 each cloves, cardamoms, cinnamon
2 tbsp coriander and khus khus seeds
4 garlic flakes, sliced long
1 cm ginger piece
2 bay leaves
Few cashew nuts

1-Wash the rice, drain off all the water and keep aside.
2-Mix coconut, coriander and khus khus seeds, 2 cloves, 2 cinnamon, 2 cardamoms, 2 onions and blend them to a fine paste.
3-Heat ghee in a pan, fry the remaining spices, chopped onions, green chilies and garlic for a few minutes.

4-Cut the chicken into desired pieces and add to this mixture with coriander and mint leaves.
5-Also add salt, chili powder, turmeric, ginger-garlic paste and cook the chicken by covering the pan. Add water if required.
6-Now add ground paste to the pieces and cook until it is done.
7-Boil water in another pan, add washed rice to the water with saffron and cook until it is tender. Remove from heat and drain off all the water.
8-In a separate wide pan, place the rice at the bottom as a layer and above this, place the chicken pieces as another layer. Repeat this process until the rice and chicken ends.
9-Sprinkle the lemon juice on top and allow it to cook on low heat for about 10 minutes.

Kismat Connection-The Kismat On BoxOffice is Strong

Raj [Shahid Kapur] was numero uno. In academics, sports, dramatics. But four years after winning the best-student-of-the-year trophy from his architectural college, he's wondering why a brilliant architect like him, with designs to set the Canadian landscape on fire, is still struggling to find that one big chance to showcase his mettle.

It's almost as though some negative kismat is following him around because whenever something good is about to happen, it seems doomed to fail.

Desperate to get rid of the bad phase in his life, Raj meets a quirky oracle, Hasina Bano Jaan [Juhi Chawla]. She tells him that soon his stars will change and make everything work in his favour; but for all this to happen, Raj has first to find his lucky charm and never let go of it. But she tells him no more, leaving Raj mystified, trying to figure out what this charm could be.

Suddenly, his life seems to be on the right track. He's managed to impress top builder Sanjeev Gill [Om Puri] into giving him a prestigious project.

Priya [Vidya Balan] is a tough-talking, tough-decision taking girl with a heart of gold. She is an idealist who is intent on making the world a better, more humane place and is quite willing to fight a lone battle for it.

Raj succeeds in persuading Priya that he's the Messiah who can save her beloved Community Centre from destruction. And also opens her eyes to her philandering fiancé [Amit Verma]. Raj even manages to thwart the evil designs of old-college-foe-turned-deadly-professional-enemy Dave [Manoj Bohra]. Does this mean that Raj has unwittingly discovered his lucky charm?

Recall Aziz Mirza's movies. In practically all his films, the protagonist is aspiring to make it big in life. There's a constant struggle on both levels, personal and professional. KISMAT KONNECTION is no different. Sure, KISMAT KONNECTION isn't entirely original. It bears an uncanny resemblance to JUST MY LUCK [2006; Lindsay Lohan, Chris Pine], but it has been adapted quite well in the Indian milieu. What also sets apart is that Mirza's films have a subtle message and KISMAT KONNECTION is no exception.

KISMAT KONNECTION is primarily a love story that viewers may have visited several times in the past, but let's not forget, romance can never ever go out of fashion. Mirza and co-director Haroun Mirza succeed in presenting the highs and lows in a relationship with maturity. The situations are simple, there's no place for melodrama here. But Mirza should've taken care in maintaining its pace and length in the second hour. The film could've easily done away with a number of scenes.

Pritam's music is ear-pleasing. 'Aai Paapi' and 'Bakhuda Tumhi Ho' are haunting compositions, while Ahmed Khan's choreography in the former takes your breath away. Binod Pradhan's cinematography is top notch and the icing on the cake is the breath-taking locales of Canada.

Shahid is a complete natural, very likable, very believable. Post JAB WE MET, the actor has attained that rare confidence which shows in his performances. Watch him get the emotional moments right and you know that the actor has only matured with time. You may have pre-conceived notions vis-à-vis his pairing with Vidya, but let's tell you that they look perfect. The trimmed hair and minimal makeup make Vidya look pretty. Acting-wise too, she pitches in a fine performance.

Juhi tends to go over the top, but that's the demand of the role. Om Puri is first-rate. Himani Shivpuri is fantastic and her Punjabi accent will bring the house down. Vishal Malhotra is efficient. Manoj Bohra acts very well.

On the whole, KISMAT KONNECTION is a simple film that has its own charm. It's no path-breaking cinema, but it works. At the box-office, its kismet should be strong at multiplexes and the wide release, coupled with no opposition, will help its distributors reap a benefit. Business in Overseas, where it has been given an extensive release, should also be good.

Srilanka Won The Star Asia Cricket Cup-2008

Yesterday, at Karachi,Pakistan- The Final Match of Asia CUp 2008 between India and Srilanka, WON by Srilanka quite convincingly(100 runs defeat) for the 4th time. However, India restricted Srilanka below 300 (273 out of that 125 runs scored by SANATH JAYSURIYA) and when Virender Sehwag Hits quick half century indian supporter presume that this match was gone from Srilanka but when first timer for the Indians, the magical spiner Ajanta Mendus came to ball the Indain wicket fall like a cards.He took 6 Vital Wicket in just spending 18 runs got man of the match while Jayasuria claim Man Of The Series. This Victory remains alive for the world of cricket by Ajanta medus & Sanath Jayasuriya thats for sure. Weldon Asian Champs..Congratulations!!!

Love Story-2050, A Disapointing Film But 'Harman' Truely Rocks

Karan [Harman Baweja], a young, spirited, sporty boy lives life off the rules, while Sana [Priyanka Chopra], a petite, shy girl lives life by the rules. Opposites attract… and love blossoms. Karan's uncle, Dr. Yatinder Khanna's [Boman Irani] much developed time machine finally works. Sana expresses her wish to travel ahead in time to Mumbai. But there's an accident…

Mumbai 2050. Flying cars, 200 storey buildings, robots and sky rails have changed the face of Mumbai. Through a series of twists and turns, Karan finds himself separating from his love. Meanwhile, Dr. Yatinder and Karan are under threat from Dr. Hoshi.

You are mesmerized by the initial scenes in LOVE STORY 2050. And it's not the script that hooks and magnetizes you. Harman's skills as an actor and also a gymnast [watch him give the firangs a chase] makes you speechless. Note the cycle chase [wow!] or Harman wooing Priyanka on a roller coaster [superb… you sure have guts, Harman]. The film works in this hour because the chemistry between the lead actors is also piping hot.

But things go downhill in the post-interval portions. What takes precedence are special effects, robots, gizmos, the masked villain… In this melee, the writing is put on the backburner.

Director Harry Baweja is letdown by the script. The idea is exciting, but what comes across is off-putting. Anu Malik's music is tuneful. 'Sach Kehna' and 'Milo Na Milo' stand out, also because Harman's dance movements are exceptional [kudos to the choreographer]. Cinematography [Vijay Arora] is first-rate. Sound quality [Dwarak Warrier] is top class. Dialogues [Mayur Puri] suit the mood of the film. Sets [Omung Kumar] deserve special mention. They're truly imaginative! Special effects are topnotch, matching international standards. Costumes and styling are avant garde.

Harman Baweja has the potential to be a major star, a front-runner. No two opinions on that! He's an exceptional dancer and looks handsome as well. But most importantly, he knows the grammar of acting well. Watch out for this kid! Priyanka Chopra is immensely likable. She suits her part to the T. Boman Irani is efficient. Archana Puransingh is lovable. The kids don't contribute at all.

On the whole, LOVE STORY 2050 rests on a thin plot and that would curtail its reach to a major extent. Disappointing!

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na- Freshness is the Key..(an Aamir Khan Venture)

Jai [Imran Khan] and Aditi [Genelia] are buddies. In fact, they hang out with their group of friends, but have eyes for each other only. Their friends know that Jai and Aditi are perfect for each other. Their parents know this as well. Everybody knows this. But the couple doesn't. So when do they realize its love?

Don't expect fireworks or melodrama in this prem kahani. It's an extremely simple, uncomplicated tale that never goes over the top. The bonding amongst friends is well established. So is the relationship that Ratna Pathak Shah shares with her deceased husband's portrait [reminds you of Ashok Saraf-Priya Tendulkar relationship in the popular comedy show HUM PAANCH].

Besides, the two [popular] songs that come in the initial reels -- 'Kabhi Kabhi' and 'Pappu Can't Dance' -- only spice up the proceedings. The arrival of the 'third angle' in this love story [Manjari Phadnis] is perfect. Everything is faultless in the first hour.

But the second hour lets you down. The Ayaz-Genelia relationship is, again, well developed, but the second hour gets a tad lengthy. But what looks completely out of place in this light and breezy entertainer is the Rajput connection and how it saves the lead man from the cop [Paresh Rawal]. This track irritates!

Also, the climax, set in an airport, is beaten to death. There's no novelty in it, since we've seen the same ending in film after film.

Abbas Tyrewala has the makings of a fine director. A.R. Rahman's music is already a rage and the two songs at the start are superb compositions. Cinematography is excellent.

Every member of the cast stands out, but the film belongs to Imran and Genelia. Imran has been presented as the boy-next-door and that works in his favor. He has screen presence and acts very well for a first timer. Most importantly, he looks the part. Genelia adds freshness to her scenes. What makes you take to Genelia is her spontaneity. Also, the mischievous look in her eyes conveys sorrow with equal ease. Wish to see more of her in Hindi movies! Manjari is a complete natural. She is very effective.

The group of friends -- Karan [as Rotlu], Alishka [as Bombs], Nirav [as Jiggy] and Sughanda [as Shaleen] -- are excellent. Each compliments the other well. Ratna Pathak Shah is highly competent. Jayant Kripalani and Anuradha Patel [as Genelia's parents] are sweet. Pratiek Babbar [as Genelia's brother] springs a pleasant surprise. He is flawless in an unconventional role. Ayaz Khan [as Genelia's fiancé] registers a strong impact. A good actor!

Rajat Kapoor and Kitu Gidwani [as Manjari's parents] are fair. Naseeruddin Shah is in terrific form. Paresh Rawal, again, is wonderful. Arbaaz Khan and Sohail Khan irritate, mainly because the roles don't work.

On the whole, JAANE TU… YA JAANE NA is a breezy entertainer which will be loved by its target audience -- the youth. At the box-office, business at multiplexes should ensure a speedy recovery for this moderate budget film. A profitable venture!



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