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GHAJINI is a winner all the way...will set new records and has the merits to emerge one of the biggest Hits of all times...Go Watch It!

The wait is finally over! An Aamir Khan film is nothing short of an event. The supremely talented actor acts in one film a year and no two films are ever identical in terms of plotline. No wonder then that you await an Aamir starrer with bated breath.

GHAJINI, the Tamil version, has been a massive hit and so was its dubbed Telugu version. Will the Hindi adaptation live up to the humungous expectations? The hype is unmatched and you expect no less than a present-day masterpiece.

Now the good news: GHAJINI demonstrates how strong film-making can enhance and elevate an already solid concept.

GHAJINI is a revenge saga, one ingredient that has been the staple diet of Hindi films since time immemorial. It is a powerful film. It has the power to sweep you off your feet from the word 'go'. It has a riveting story, which has been told with flourish by director A.R. Murugadoss. And, of course, it has a knockout performance by Aamir Khan. If at all there's a shred of doubt whether Aamir is The Best in the business, all you've got to do is check out GHAJINI.

Flaws any? Running time [almost 3 hours]? Not at all! There's so much happening in every scene and the screenplay is so gripping that you don't feel the need to look at the auditorium ceiling or at your watch at brief intervals. You aren't restless. As moviegoers, we've watched countless good versus evil fares over the years and although GHAJINI belongs to the same family, not once does it take the beaten track. The story has been told differently and most importantly, the story offers so many twists-n-turns that you just can't guess what would unfold next.

Is it violent? It is, at times, but the violence here is justified. In fact, every time the protagonist bashes up the evil-doers, you clap and root for him. The climax is jaw-dropping -- dissimilar from the original, but it's an out of the world experience nonetheless.

To sum up, GHAJINI is commercial Hindi cinema at its best. The film has 'Hit' written all over it. Let me put it this way: Cancel whatever you're doing today and go watch GHAJINI instead.

Aamir Khan is suffering from acute short-term memory loss set off by the violent murder of his girlfriend Asin. He's got to work around this handicap, but with methodical and meticulous determination. Aamir etches a path of clues that lead him on his road.

To aid him in his quest, he carries around a sheaf of Polaroids and when he is really sure of a piece of information, he has it tattooed on his body, which stands in for the damaged part of his mind. His indelibly marked torso is the repository of his grief, his rage and his reason to go on living.

Any more revelation would do gross injustice to the film and to its viewer.

First things first! GHAJINI is not MEMENTO. There're minor similarities, but GHAJINI takes a completely different route to tell its story. Director A.R. Murugadoss tells this one differently. It starts off with what happens in the past, comes to the present-day, goes back in time again and returns to the contemporary again. This is a breathless, exciting story, heart-breaking and exhilarating at the same time.

Hindi movies have often depicted people suffering from amnesia/memory loss, but GHAJINI is poles apart because the protagonist recalls events only for 15 minutes. The story is its USP, without a doubt. But what adds sheen and glory to the story is Aamir's portrayal of a man suffering from short-term memory loss. Aamir hardly speaks. In fact, the leading lady [Asin] speaks more than Aamir in the film. But Aamir speaks volumes with his eyes, he conveys whatever has to be conveyed through his body language, he says it all with his facial expressions and that only makes GHAJINI a memorable, never-seen-before experience.

Director A.R. Murugadoss deserves brownie points for not just coming up with an interesting story, but also presenting it [refreshingly] differently. The storyteller balances the light moments and the ones demanding intensity with expertise. There's dum in every sequence. Even if the director has to depict violence, he doesn't resort to blood-n-gore or knives-swords-pistols for effect.

A.R. Rahman's music is top notch. At least three numbers have the unmistakable stamp of a genius -- 'Guzarish', 'Behka' and 'Kaise Mujhe'. Ravi Chandran's cinematography is stunning. The film bears a stylish look all through. The action sequences are brilliantly executed. The Hindi moviegoers haven't seen such scenes ever.

Aamir delivers his career-best performance. In the first place, it requires courage and maturity to name the film after the villain. Knowing how egoistic our stars are, something like this is next to impossible in Hindi films.
A lot has been said and written about the GHAJINI look -- Aamir's hairstyle and his dream physique. It's awe-inspiring and if more and more people adopt the 'Aamir look' or hit the gym, it would be courtesy the actor.
As far as his acting is concerned, he's natural as the tycoon, but like a wounded, ferocious tiger when he goes on an avenging spree.
Without doubt, it's a concentrated, layered performance. He acts with his entire being. His body movement, the details of his performance, everything rings true. He is both vulnerable and hard. The pain in his face when he can't remember, is palpable. It's not only the plot that carries GHAJINI. It's also the mood and the expression on Aamir's face that makes GHAJINI a treat.

Asin is fabulous. To share the screen space with an actor of the stature of Aamir Khan and yet remain in your memory even after the show has ended is no cakewalk. She looks fresh and photogenic and acts her part brilliantly. Pradeep Rawat, the villain, is first-rate. Jiah Khan impresses, especially in the sequence when Aamir follows her to a shopping mall.

On the whole, GHAJINI is a winner all the way. The film will set new records and has the merits to emerge one of the biggest Hits of all times. The weekend business should be historic, the Week 1 business should be unparalleled, the lifetime gross should be amongst the biggest of all times. In short, GHAJINI has 'Blockbuster' written all over it.

Rating 4.9 Out of 5.

Crispy Noodles (Chinese Noodle)

60 gms raw rice noodles
1 cup tofu or paneer, cut into strips
Oil for deep frying
For the sauce:
2 cloves garlic, chopped
1 onion, sliced
1 tbsp. Soya sauce
4 tbsps sugar

1 1/2 tbsps lemon juice
1/2 cup vegetable stock
1/2 tsp. chili powder
2 tbsps oil
Salt to taste
For the garnish:
1/2 cup red cabbage, diced
1/3 cup bean sprouts
1 spring onion, chopped
1/2 cup cauliflower florets
1 fresh red chili, slit
Heat the oil and deep fry the raw noodles till golden. Drain and keep aside.
Deep fry the tofu till crisp. Drain and keep aside.
For the sauce, heat the oil in a pan, add the garlic and onion and saute till brown.
Add the soya sauce, sugar, lemon juice, stock and salt and stir till the mixture begins to caramelise.
Add the fried tofu, chilli powder and mix well.
To proceed, Pour over the fried noodles, just before serving.
Serve garnished with the red cabbage, bean sprouts and spring onion and cauliflower and top with the red chili.
Serves 4
Preparation time: 25 minutes

"Russian Kseniya Sukhinova" crowned Miss World winner 2008

Russian contestant Kseniya Sukhinova has won the Miss World 2008 competition at a ceremony in South Africa. Trindad and Tobago's Gabrielle Walcott was second runner-up and India's Parvathay Omanakuttan was first runner-up, from among 109 contestants.

Millions of people were expected to watch the annual pageant, being held in Johannesburg.It was the sixth time that South Africa has held the event, more than any other country except England.

South Africa organisers were said to be keen to calm concerns about the country's ability to host the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

For this first time in the competition's history, viewers in 180 countries had the opportunity to vote for one of the semi-finalists through the internet.

An international jury decided the winner. Miss Sukhinova is from Siberia, studying for an engineering degree.


Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi-Yashraj Banner Last Film Of The Year.. Very Tochy At Heart With a Strong Start And An Equally Strong Emotional

Surinder [Shah Rukh Khan], a simple, clean hearted, honest man working for Punjab Power, leads a humdrum life, but the moment he sets his eyes on Taani [Anushka Sharma], his life undergoes a change. She's flamboyant, fun-loving, vivacious, unlike Surinder. But unforeseen circumstances bring them together.

Director Aditya Chopra chooses a desi plot and weaves a story around an ordinary, middle class couple. The story begins with gusto and the initial scenes between Shah Rukh and Anushka are thoroughly interesting. But the screenplay falters the moment Shah Rukh's character Surinder transforms into Raj and his personality undergoes a sea-change. The first question that strikes you is, why didn't Anushka realize it's him, her husband, not someone else? Sure, he has undergone a complete makeover, but how can you not recognise your husband's voice or appearance? That's a glaring flaw, it's like taking the viewer for granted!

The sequences thereafter are equally uneven. A few sequences are well executed, but the problem is that Shah Rukh keeps playing the game till the very end. If he had to win her heart, he could've done so by making her realize that it's a mirage, making her realize that the person she loves and the person she's married are the same.

There's a twist in the tale only towards the pre-climax, when Anushka is ready to elope with Raj, her dance partner. The climax, the drama that ensues during the finale of the dance competition, is excellent. Even the end [the honeymoon in Japan] brings a smile on your face.

Director Aditya Chopra is letdown by his own writing. The story is not convincing, the screenplay is not water-tight and therefore, RAB NE BANA DI JODI does not create the impact it ought to make. Also, the film is quite lengthy. With a running time of approx. 2.45 hours, RAB NE BANA DI JODI could've easily done with some trimming. The unwanted flab could've been trimmed for a better impact.

Salim-Sulaiman's music is of a mixed variety. 'Haule Haule' is a superb composition and 'Dance Pe Chance' is foot-tapping, but the remaining tracks, though well shot, are plain average. Ravi Chandran's cinematography is top notch.

Shah Rukh is superb as the simpleton and your heart goes out to him every time he appears on screen. You want the underdog to win and here too, the way SRK tackles this part, you're all the more convinced. As Raj, SRK goes overboard at times. Anushka looks the character and surprises you with a confident performance. It's no small achievement to share screen space with an actor of the calibre of SRK and Anushka manages it very well from start to end. Vinay Pathak is incredible. He contributes enormously in making the proceedings lively.

On the whole, RAB NE BANA DI JODI is vey desi at heart with a strong start and an equally strong emotional end. Having said that, you cannot deny the fact that you expect much, much more from Aditya Chopra. RAB NE BANA DI JODI is no DILWALE DULHANIYA LE JAYENGE, it's not MOHABBATEIN either. It's lower than that! At the box-office, the business will be better at some multiplexes, while the single screens will be below average. The business in Overseas, however, should be better, but the business in India will totter, tremble and fumble after the initial weekend.


First Nepali Aircraft-"DAANFE" Successfully Trialed...Congratulations!!!

This is an incredible job done by the young scientist named Er. Bikash Parajuli, Er. Ganesh Sinkemana & all crew members regarding DAANFE, The First Nepali Aircraft. Just couple of days ago the frst trial of Daanfe has been successfully done, CONGRATULATION!!!

It has 3 wheels, 14 sq. mtr wings, 2 seated, 400kg weight carring capacity, 50 ltr Fuel capacity, Max. mileage 100Km/hour, Max hour in air 2 hours, Engine from Austrian Technology & cost price 20 lakhs.

2nd Marriage Anniversary Through Pickz....The Moments We spend Through out the Day is Awesome

The Time, how it passed and how it will come to celebrate 2nd Anniversary of our marriage we donno. When I recall all those procedure being bride and bridegroom it seems last days but see time went how fast and its has been passed 2 years..24 months..720 days..17280 hours.Oh My God! I am Top of the world again..Its really great days with her and I wish its till the end of this UNIVERSE and forever. She is so nice to me and loves me like a baby...Here are some moments spend TODAY(DEC 6th, 2008) at our 2nd MARRIAGE ANNIVERSARY.

10:25 Am, Back to our Room And Moving to Briddha ASHRAM for their BreakFast


YUVVRAAJ-Subhash Ghai Film, Interesting in Parts,Belongs to Anil Kapoor

Deven Yuvvraaj [Salman Khan] is a chorus singer, in love with Anushka [Katrina Kaif]. Her father Dr. Banton [Boman Irani], however, is dead against this relationship. Things take a turn when Deven's father passes away and he returns to London to stake claim on his father's wealth.

He meets his two estranged brothers Gyanesh Yuvvraaj [Anil Kapoor] and Danny Yuvvraaj [Zayed Khan] after almost twelve years. But things aren't hunky-dory between them...

Ghai has an eye for visuals and every frame of YUVVRAAJ seems like a painting on celluloid. Unmistakably, that's the first thing you notice as YUVVRAAJ unfolds.

It takes time to absorb YUVVRAAJ. In fact, Ghai doesn't open all his cards at the very outset. It's only when the father [Javed Shaikh] passes away and Mithun Chakraborty, the Executor of the Will, enters the scene that the wheels start moving.

The film gathers momentum after the interval. If the first hour has a few by-now-famous Ghai scenes, the second hour sees Ghai in form, with a number of sequences staying in your memory. The penultimate 20-25 minutes are the best. Watch Anil go through the handycam with disbelief, watch Anil and Salman's act during the concert, watch Salman's emotional outburst towards the end... also the titles [brings back memories of OM SHANTI OM].

On the flip side, the screenplay is erratic. There're constant highs and lows in this journey, the film works in patches. In fact, the screenplay falls prey to predictability and mediocrity at places.

Ghai handles the dramatic scenes with flourish. Rahman's music is soothing, but you expect more because Ghai's movies are embellished with lilting music that you recall even after 2 or 3 decades. Kabir Lal captures the striking beauty of Europe well. The output is superb. The sets [Omung Kumar] are truly majestic.

YUVVRAAJ belongs to Anil Kapoor, who towers above the entire cast and delivers a natural, believable performance. Salman's looks are inconsistent. At times the boyish look is intact, at times he looks bloated. Ditto for his hairstyle. His performance, however, is better, mainly towards the finale. Zayed tries hard and convinces in a few scenes. Mithun Chakraborty is fantastic in a brief role.

Katrina looks angelic. Despite the focus being on the three men, she registers an impact. Boman Irani is credible, especially in the scene when he steps out of the Operation Theatre towards the end. Aushima Sawhney is confident. Anjan Srivastava and the pack of villains/vamps look straight out of RAM LAKHAN and TAAL.

On the whole, YUVVRAAJ is interesting in parts, with the penultimate 20/25 minutes taking the film to an all-time high. At the box-office, the package [a mammoth cast, Subhash Ghai, A.R. Rahman, the stunning locales of Europe] should ensure a hearty opening and with no major opposition in the forthcoming week, it should keep its investors smiling


Upcomming CRICKET Series 08'-09'

Bangladesh in South Africa
Date Match Venue
Nov 05 Only Twenty20 International (D/N) Johannesburg
Nov 07 First ODI (D/N) Potchefstroom
Nov 09 Second ODI Benoni
Nov 12 Third ODI (D/N) East London
Nov 15-16 Practice match Kimberley
Nov 19-23 First Test Bloemfontein
Nov 26-30 Second Test Centurion

England in India
Date Match Venue
Nov 09 Practice match Mumbai
Nov 11 Practice match Mumbai
Nov 14 First ODI Rajkot
Nov 17 Second ODI Indore
Nov 20 Third ODI Kanpur
Nov 23 Fourth ODI Jamshedpur
Nov 26 Fifth ODI Cuttack
Nov 29 Sixth ODI Guwahati
Dec 02 Seventh ODI Delhi
Dec 5-7 Practice match Baroda
Dec 11-15 First Test Ahmedabad
Dec 19-23 Second Test Mumbai

New Zealand in Australia
Date Match Venue
Nov 13-16 Practice match Sydney
Nov 20-24 First Test Brisbane
Nov 28-Dec 02 Second Test Adelaide
Feb 01 First ODI (D/N) Perth
Feb 06 Second ODI (D/N) Melbourne
Feb 08 Third ODI (D/N) Sydney
Feb 10 Fourth ODI (D/N) Adelaide
Feb 13 Fifth ODI (D/N) Brisbane
Feb 15 Only Twenty20 International (D/N) Sydney

South Africa in Australia
Date Match Venue
Dec 13-14 Practice match Perth
Dec 17-21 First Test Perth
Dec 26-30 Second Test Melbourne
Jan 03-07 Third Test Sydney
Jan 11 First Twenty20 International (D/N) Melbourne
Jan 13 Second Twenty20 International (D/N) Brisbane
Jan 16 First ODI (D/N) Melbourne
Jan 18 Second ODI Hobart
Jan 23 Third ODI (D/N) Sydney
Jan 26 Fourth ODI (D/N) Adelaide
Jan 30 Fifth ODI (D/N) Perth

DOSTANA - A Karan Jouhar Film...It rocks... have a blast!

DOSTANA is no BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN. It's not a serious take on homosexuality either. On the contrary, it's a madcap comedy where two straight men pretend to be gays. Although DOSTANA is a mainstream commercial film, it dares to push the envelope in its own way. It brings homosexuality out of the closet, gives it respect and dignity and doesn't treat gays as 'abnormal'.

Love triangle in Hindi movies often centre around two guys falling in love with the same girl, or two girls choosing to love the same guy. But DOSTANA is a first. It's the first Hindi film that, at the core, is a rectangle [three men loving the same woman], but two of them, guys in this case, pretend to be a couple.

Sure, DOSTANA has ample shock-value since what has been witnessed in its promos is barely a fraction of what you'd get to watch in the movie. But more than shock-value, the film offers loads of fun-n-laughter and dollops of entertainment in those 14 reels.

A word of appreciation! It requires courage to fund a project like DOSTANA. Karan Johar, the producer, deserves to be lauded for treading the untrodden path. It requires courage and conviction to swim against the tide in your directorial debut. Tarun Mansukhani, the debutante, deserves a few brownie points extra for not thinking straight. It requires courage for two A-list actors to go all out and risk their professional [and personal] lives. Abhishek and John deserve an ovation for not only agreeing to play these characters, but also infusing life in them, without making a mockery of the gay community.

To cut a long story short, DOSTANA is not to be missed. Dharma Productions, the late Yash Johar and Karan Johar's film production outfit, has produced several significant films in the past. Add DOSTANA to the list!

Miami is the setting for DOSTANA. When Sameer [Abhishek Bachchan] and Kunal [John Abraham] are turned down for an apartment because the landlady [Sushmita Mukherjee] doesn't want two strapping young men to corrupt her young sexy niece Neha [Priyanka Chopra], they hatch a plan: they pretend to be gay to secure the apartment.

Over a period of time, Sameer, Kunal and Neha become buddies. When Neha's boss Abhimanyu [Bobby Deol] enters the fray as the third contender for her affections, it gets even hotter…

DOSTANA shocks you all the while and that is its biggest USP. Don't expect stereotypical situations or characters all through this film. Watch Abhishek cook up a romantic story between John and him in Venice. Watch Boman Irani's interaction with Abhishek and John. Watch Kirron Kher's dramatic entry at this point. Howlarious scenes all, they're sure to bring the house down.

If the first hour is laced with crackling chemistry between the guys and terrific humour, things get serious towards the second half since there's one more person vying for Priyanka's attention -- Bobby Deol. There's humour in this hour too, but the focus is mainly on who'd get Priyanka in the end.

The length is a slight deterrent in the second half and the editor could've easily cut the unwanted flab to make the narration in shape. But the film works as a package! Also, the film has a shocking end and people are bound to raise eyebrows. It would have its share of advocates and adversaries. A debatable culmination, for sure!

Director Tarun Mansukhani is here to stay. He deserves kudos for choosing an offbeat story, then making a foolproof screenplay and most importantly, executing it with flourish. DOSTANA merges form and content beautifully, since the film is, technically speaking, sound. Ayananka Bose's cinematography is top notch. The locales of Miami are a feast for your eyes. Costumes and styling are very upmarket.

Vishal-Shekhar's music goes well with the mood of the film. It's young, peppy and energetic. 'Desi Girl' and 'Maa Da Laadla Bigad Gaya' are foot-tapping compositions. The latter is bound to be a rage!

Both Abhishek and John are fantabulous! Abhishek pulls out all the stops and delivers one of the finest performances of his career. His comic timing is superb! John will make guys and girls drool over his amazing physique. But, most importantly, people will sit up and notice how fine an actor John is. Both Abhishek and John compliment each other so well. In fact, had the chemistry and camaraderie been missing, the story would've failed to look convincing. Two thumbs up for these two guys!

Priyanka looks stunning and delivers a first-rate performance. First FASHION, now DOSTANA, Priyanka is back with a bang. Bobby Deol lends the required class to his role. No other actor would've looked so real while underplaying this character.

Boman Irani is sure to bring the house down, the auditorium is sure to resonate with laughter in his sequences. Kirron Kher is superb as the Punjabi mom. Watch her throw a fit when she learns that her son [Abhishek] is gay and much later, when she accepts John as family. She's remarkable! Sushmita Mukherjee, as Priyanka's aunt, is fantastic. She's so, so funny. Shilpa Shetty sizzles in the opening track.

On the whole, DOSTANA is a winner all the way. In terms of content, it might just prove to be a trendsetter. In terms of business, the film holds tremendous appeal for the youth. The 16 to 25 age-group would go into raptures and bonkers over this film. Its business at multiplexes mainly will be amazing. In Overseas too, the film should emerge amongst the biggest draws of 2008. DOSTANA rocks... have a blast!

A.R.Rahman wins Golden Globe Award for best composer, The First Indian Ever

Music maestro A R Rahman created history by becoming the first Indian to win Golden Globe award for his music score for 'Slumdog Millionaire' at the prestigious award ceremony on Monday.
Rahman's song 'Jai Ho,' penned by lyricist Gulzar, won the coveted prize of Best Original Music Score at the Golden Globes.
The film which depicts the story of a Mumbai underdog's rags-to-riches run, is on a winning spree and has so far bagged two more Golden Globe awards -- Best Screenplay for Simon Beaufoy and Best Director for Danny Boyle.
With its golden run at the Globe awards, 'Slumdog's
prospects at Oscar awards next month have brightened.

Job Interview 'Manners' Matter!

Manners are not only important at the dinner table (use your napkin, please), on the telephone (listen as well as speak), in a theater (refrain from talking during the performance), but also during a job interview. Yet many job seekers forget the importance of being polite. They jingle the change in their pocket, click their tongue, stare at the wall or at their lap, or cut in when the hiring manager is speaking.
Nerves can throw you off. Your heart races, your palms perspire, your mouth goes dry. You may even forget what you want to say. But none of these experiences are reasons to forget your manners. To give yourself the 'edge' when it comes to sitting across from a potential employer, review the following polite practices and then go over them with a spouse or friend before the in-person meeting.

Arrive ahead of time. It may be fashionable to come late to a cocktail party but it's bad manners to walk into an interview after the agreed-upon time. Always arrive at least ten minutes early so you can freshen up, catch your breath, sit quietly in the lobby reviewing your notes.

Maintain good eye contact. You probably know what it's like to speak with someone who is shifty-eyed. You might wonder what he has up his sleeve or what she is hiding. Looking a man or woman in the eye when speaking is not only polite, it's good business practice. It assures the other person of your sincerity and genuine interest. And it will remind him or her to return the eye contact.

Listen well. Focus your mind and take in what the interviewer is saying. If you miss a detail or don't understand what is said, ask politely for it to be repeated. It may help to have a small notepad and pen in your hand. Jot down items that are of importance to you. You might even tell the interviewer ahead of time that you'll be taking notes because you don't want to miss anything. That too, is a sign of good manners. You're letting the other person know that you're serious about the job in question.

Say thank you. At the close of the interview, be sure to shake hands and express in warm words how much you appreciate the time and the information you received. Remember, everyone likes to be acknowledged and thanked. Those who express gratitude will not be forgotten because it is so rare for people today to share genuine thanks. Then follow up with a thank you note in your handwriting. That will seal the deal and give you a good chance of winning a second interview -- or even the job itself.

Fashion-A Film By Madhur Bhandarkar, the undisputed king of realistic fare..Undoubtedely Hitz The BOX OFFICE.

FASHION tells the story of a small-town girl with a dream and the determination to make it a reality. Meghna [Priyanka Chopra] is ambitious, she wants to attain the status of a supermodel. She realises her dreams and rises to walk the ramps for leading designers across India.

But Meghna has to pay the price for her fame and her journey to the top. Her career starts sliding downwards. In this journey of Meghna, she encounters a number of people. Most importantly, Shonali [Kangna Ranaut] and Janet [Mugdha Godse]. Also, Abhijit Sareen [Arbaaz Khan], a tycoon who controls the fashion industry.

CHANDNI BAR, PAGE 3, SATTA, CORPORATE, TRAFFIC SIGNAL -- every Madhur Bhandarkar film has a new story to tell and he tells it most convincingly. In fact, Madhur strikes a fine balance between realism and entertainment in every film. Given the fact that FASHION is all about the fashion industry, the narrative is inevitably filled with lots of glam-n-glitz moments. The fashion shows, the stunning models, the superb styling, the vibrant colours and the behind the scenes drama is worth every penny spent on the ticket.

But it's not just ramp shows and style-n-fashion here. There's a story running concurrently -- of three models. One, the rise of an unknown into a supermodel. Two, the fall of a supermodel to dust. Three, the ambitious model not achieving success, but opting for a marriage of convenience.

While Madhur has handled the theme as if he were an insider, this review would be incomplete if you ignore two major sequences that are simply outstanding. One, Kangna's wardrobe malfunction and two, when Priyanka exposes Arbaaz to his wife [Suchitra Pillai].

Mahesh Limaye's cinematography captures every aspect of the fashion industry to the fullest. The screenplay [Madhur Bhandarkar, Anuradha Tiwari, Ajay Monga] is perfect, except for the penultimate portions. Niranjan Iyengar's dialogues are fantastic. Nitin Chandrakant Desai's production design is truly upmarket. The costumes and styling are top notch, a feast for the eyes. Salim-Sulaiman's music is well synchronised as well. 'Mar Jaava' and 'Jalwa' are lilting creations.

Madhur places immense trust on Priyanka and she is remarkable all through, more towards the second hour. Post AITRAAZ, FASHION is another medal that shines the brightest when you look at her body of work. But the real star is Kangna. Her role may not be as lengthy as that of Priyanka, but the actress pitches in an awesome performance. Her confidence at the very start is infectious and her overall performance deserves an ovation.

Mugdha Godse is, again, supremely confident. She has dum. Arbaaz Khan is first-rate. Arjan Bajwa does well. Harsh Chhaya, the gay designer, stands out with a realistic performance. Ashwin Mushran, Priyanka's confidante, is top notch. Samir Soni is good. Suchitra Pillai and Kittu Gidwani are effectual. Raj Babbar and Kiran Juneja are seasoned in such roles.

On the whole, FASHION has tremendous curiosity value and also shock value for the Indian audiences. Its subject -- the behind the scenes working and drama of the fashion industry -- is its USP. At the box-office, the pre-release hype and buzz will ensure a successful run for the film. Its business at multiplexes mainly should be bountiful. However, trimming the film will only help; not only will it enhance the film, but also its business. Must watch!


Ingredients Cusine:Italian Portion:2

High protein flour : 2 cups
Maida : 1 cup
or wheat flour : 1 cup
Milk powder : 3 tbsp
Sugar : 2 tbsp
Cornflour : 1 tbsp
Oil : 3 tbsp
Active dried yeast : 3 tbsp
Mild hot, water to knead : 3 tbsp


Capsicum ( big )
Red : 1
Yellow : 1
Green : 1
Onion ( big ) : 3
Garlic : 2 pods
Tomato : 2
Carrot : 3
Round mushrooms : 1 tsp
Cornflour : 4 tbsp
Mozeralla cheese : 250 gm
Paprika powder : as needed
Oregano powder : as needed


Sieve high protien flour and maida four times.
In a hollow pan, mix sieved flour, milk powder, sugar, salt, yeast, oil and knead.
Cover it with a cloth for 1 hour.
The dough will resemble a honey comb.
Smear oil in the hands and prepare an inch thick chappathi.
Smear oil on a plate.
Bake this chappathi in an oven at 180*C for 15 minutes.
When baked , if the chappathi is cut, it will resemble a honey comb.
This is pizza base.
Cut the vegetables into cubes.
Add them to boiling water and cover it with a lid.
This is called blanching.
Strain the water.
Cut onion, garlic, tomato into pieces.
Heat oil in a frying pan.
Add garlic, onion, vegetables and stir.
Add salt and pepper powder.
Add tomato and stir.
Mix cornflour in 6 tsp of water and stir well.
The vegetables to should not be overcooked.
Take the pizza base.
Add cooked vegetables.
Add grated mozeralla cheese.
Cook it in oven at 180*C for 10 minutes.
When the pizza is cooked, remove from the oven, add oregano and paprika powder.


Welcome To Sajjanpur-Certainly Welcome!, Simple Movie- By Vetran Shyam Benegal

WELCOME TO SAJJANPUR works because of its simplicity. Expect no glitz-n-glam here. In fact, it doesn't even have a strong plot since it's a character-driven film. Yet, WELCOME TO SAJJANPUR keeps your interest alive in most parts.

Mahadev [Shreyas Talpade] is one of the few educated young men in Sajjanpur. His ambition is to be a novelist, but finds it easier to make a living by writing and reading letters sitting next to the post office. His ability to write persuasive letters makes him popular with the largely non-literate population of the town.

Aware of this power, he soon uses his talent to manipulate people with amusing and sometimes not such amusing results.

Shyam Benegal may be best known for intense films, but as you watch WELCOME TO SAJJANPUR, it dawns upon you that he's equally proficient when it comes to light entertainers. The character portrayed by Shreyas and his interaction with various people make the proceedings exciting.

Note his scenes with the goonda who's aiming to be a politician [Yashpal Sharma] or one of the orthodox ladies of the village [Ila Arun]. Even the romantic scenes with his childhood sweetheart [Amrita Rao], now married to someone else, are cute. The twists and turns in the second hour are the best part of the enterprise. Also, the end is very novel.

On the flip side, the unwarranted songs in the narrative spoil the show. Ideally, the film could've done without any song. Besides, the length should've been controlled.

Every actor in WELCOME TO SAJJANPUR delivers a sparkling performance, but the show belongs to Shreyas Talpade. This is his most accomplished performance since IQBAL. Amrita Rao is admirable. It's at par with VIVAH. Yashpal Sharma [terrific], Ila Arun [superb], Divya Dutta [effective], Ravi Kissen [wonderful], Rajeshwari [nice] and Ravi Jhankal [exceptional] are delightful. Kunal Kapoor's presence comes as a surprise.

Final verdict? Watch WELCOME TO SAJJANPUR for its simplicity. Its strength lies in its story and how well a seasoned director like Shyam Benegal narrates it. Let's just say, WELCOME TO SAJJANPUR is certainly welcome!

On the whole, WELCOME TO SAJJANPUR is an interesting watch. At the box-office, the film has the potential to go from strength to strength with a positive word of mouth.

10 Myths About Self-Employment- An Article

MYTH:1 Self-employed people have to work really long hours. Many self-employed people work longer hours than employees. Some enjoy their work so much they want to put in long hours. Some set up their businesses in such a way that their physical presence is necessary for income generation. So working long hours is largely a symptom of the type of business you create as well as your personal choice. If you don't like working long hours, you certainly don't have to.

MYTH:2 The only reason to build a business is to sell it. While you can certainly build a business to sell or to take public, you can also build a business to keep. As a self-employed person, you're free to build whatever kind of business you want. You're the boss. If you want to build a business to sell, go for it. If you just want an income source that doesn't require you to get a job, that's fine too.

You can also run multiple businesses at the same time. Once you've been running a business for a decade or more, it's not that hard to repeat the process and spawn another one.

MYTH:3 Self-employment is much riskier than getting a job. Security is a result of control, and self-employment gives you far more control over your income than you have with a regular job. When you're self-employed no one can fire you or lay you off. Which is more secure? Owning your income stream or leasing it? Ownership obviously.

If you need to make extra cash quickly, that's very tough to do as an employee. But as an owner who controls all the business assets, you have the ability to channel resources to increase income in a pinch. Having control makes a huge difference.

MYTH:4 Self-employment means putting all your eggs in one basket. Ask yourself this: How many people would have to turn against you to shut off all your income? For employees the answer is usually one. If your boss fires you, your income gets turned off immediately. Now that's putting all your eggs in one basket.

With self-employment, you can more easily diversify your income streams and thereby reduce your risk. You have the control necessary to make this happen. Generating different types of income from thousands of customers is a lot more secure than receiving only one paycheck.

MYTH:5 Being self-employed is stressful. What's stressful is not being able to make ends meet. Self-employment is less stressful because you enjoy more control. Not having control over your time and your life is stressful. Self-employment can be very low-stress if you decide to make it so. You can turn your office into a relaxing place to work and set your own hours. If you notice the onset of stress, you can take time off to relax.

MYTH:6 The customer is always right. If you're self-employed, feel free to fire customers that cause you grief. Some customers just aren't worth having. when a customer becomes obnoxiously rude, insulting, or threatening, you have the choice to not work with them. If you're self-employed, there's no need to do business with people who think it's their privilege to treat you like dirt. You won't enjoy having such customers, and you won't enjoy the types of referrals they send you.

MYTH:7 Being self-employed is lonely. Many employees think they enjoy a rich social life when all they do is hang out with their co-workers. That's fine for starters, but it can get pretty stale after a while. On the contrary it's easier for self-employed people to recognize the need for social activities outside their work. At the very least, this may be motivated by the desire to network and to learn from other business owners.

MYTH:8 Self-employed people have to do everything themselves. Self-employed people may be responsible for making sure everything gets done, but it's usually foolish for them to do everything themselves. That would be way too much work. You don't have to design your own systems if you can leverage someone else's.

MYTH:9 Self-employment is too complicated. Self-employment can seem complicated because there's a lot to learn in the beginning, such as accounting, taxes, payroll, legal issues, insurance, etc. It does take a while to learn the basics, but most of it isn't difficult. Get yourself a good book on the subject, and you'll be off to a great start. Don't let the initial learning curve get you down. You only need to learn this info once.

MYTH:10 You need lots of money to start a new business. That depends on the business. You can start an online business for very little cash. You don't need to pour your life savings into your first business. You do, however, need an intelligent way to provide value to people. The nice thing about an online business is that you can create value for a fixed time investment, and technology can deliver that value millions of times over without costing you any extra time or money. You invest a little time in the initial value creation, but you get paid for the ongoing value delivery. Technology does most of the work for a cost that's virtually zero, but you get paid for its results.

Take back control of your personal and professional life! Try self-employment or a side line business for yourself!

Schedule Of Cricket Matches For OCTOBER-2008

Thu Oct 9 India v Australia at Bangalore, 1st Test - day 1
Bangladesh v New Zealand at Dhaka (SBNS), 1st ODI

Fri Oct 10 India v Australia at Bangalore, 1st Test - day 2
Canada v Pakistan at King City (NW), Canada Cup Four Nation 20/20
Sri Lanka v Zimbabwe at King City (NW), Canada Cup Four Nation 20/20

Sat Oct 11 India v Australia at Bangalore, 1st Test - day 3
Bangladesh v New Zealand at Dhaka (SBNS), 2nd ODI
Canada v Zimbabwe at King City (NW), Canada Cup Four Nation 20/20
Sri Lanka v Pakistan at King City (NW), Canada Cup Four Nation 20/20

Sun Oct 12 India v Australia at Bangalore, 1st Test - day 4
Canada v Sri Lanka at King City (NW), Canada Cup Four Nation 20/20
Pakistan v Zimbabwe at King City (NW), Canada Cup Four Nation 20/20

Mon Oct 13 India v Australia at Bangalore, 1st Test - day 5
TBC v TBC at King City (NW), Canada Cup Four Nation 20/20
TBC v TBC at King City (NW), Canada Cup Four Nation 20/20, Final

Tue Oct 14 Bangladesh v New Zealand at Chittagong (CDS), 3rd ODI

Wed Oct 15
Thu Oct 16
Fri Oct 17 Bangladesh v New Zealand at Chittagong (CDS), 1st Test - day 1
India v Australia at Mohali, 2nd Test - day 1
Ireland v Zimbabwe at Nairobi (Gym), Tri-Nation Tournament in Kenya

Sat Oct 18 Bangladesh v New Zealand at Chittagong (CDS), 1st Test - day 2
India v Australia at Mohali, 2nd Test - day 2
Kenya v Ireland at Nairobi (Gym), Tri-Nation Tournament in Kenya
Pakistan Women v West Indies Women at Karachi, 1st Women's ODI

Sun Oct 19 Bangladesh v New Zealand at Chittagong (CDS), 1st Test - day 3
India v Australia at Mohali, 2nd Test - day 3
Kenya v Zimbabwe at Nairobi (Gym), Tri-Nation Tournament in Kenya

Mon Oct 20 Bangladesh v New Zealand at Chittagong (CDS), 1st Test - day 4
India v Australia at Mohali, 2nd Test - day 4
Pakistan Women v West Indies Women at Karachi, 2nd Women's ODI

Tue Oct 21 Bangladesh v New Zealand at Chittagong (CDS), 1st Test - day 5
India v Australia at Mohali, 2nd Test - day 5
Ireland v Zimbabwe at Nairobi (Gym), Tri-Nation Tournament in Kenya

Wed Oct 22 Kenya v Ireland at Nairobi (Gym), Tri-Nation Tournament in Kenya
Pakistan Women v West Indies Women at Hyderabad (Sind), 3rd Women's ODI

Thu Oct 23 Kenya v Zimbabwe at Nairobi (Gym), Tri-Nation Tournament in Kenya

Fri Oct 24 Pakistan Women v West Indies Women at Karachi, 4th Women's ODI

Sat Oct 25 Bangladesh v New Zealand at Dhaka (SBNS), 2nd Test - day 1
TBC v TBC at Nairobi (Gym), Tri-Nation Tournament in Kenya, Final

Sun Oct 26 Bangladesh v New Zealand at Dhaka (SBNS), 2nd Test - day 2
Pakistan Women v West Indies Women at Karachi, 5th Women's ODI

Mon Oct 27 Bangladesh v New Zealand at Dhaka (SBNS), 2nd Test - day 3

Tue Oct 28 Bangladesh v New Zealand at Dhaka (SBNS), 2nd Test - day 4
Australia Women v India Women at Sydney, Only Women's Twenty20 International
Pakistan Women v West Indies Women at Karachi, 1st Women's Twenty20 International

Wed Oct 29 Bangladesh v New Zealand at Dhaka (SBNS), 2nd Test - day 5
India v Australia at Delhi, 3rd Test - day 1
Pakistan Women v West Indies Women at Karachi, 2nd Women's Twenty20 International

Thu Oct 30 India v Australia at Delhi, 3rd Test - day 2

Fri Oct 31 India v Australia at Delhi, 3rd Test - day 3
South Africa v Kenya at Bloemfontein, 1st ODI
Australia Women v India Women at Sydney, 1st Women's ODI
Pakistan Women v West Indies Women at Karachi, 3rd Women's Twenty20 International

AMD vs Intel - In Everyones Mind....

There are countless companies in the computer industry but there is only one battle that counts... AMD vs. Intel. This is a favorite topic in the forums, yet instead of blindly pledging allegiance to one CPU or the other, let's take a look behind the scenes and find out which companies processor is the best bet.

Now if, I should say that I'm a hardware enthusiast at heart, so for me CPU performance matters the most. I stick with gear only as long as it keeps my PC at the front of the performance curve. After that, I drop it like a rock and move onto greener pastures, regardless if it's the same brand or not. After all, what's the point of brand loyalty? AMD and Intel don't love you back, no matter how much you might sing their praises. Put another way, it's not like AMD only sells to you, or Intel has a smiling shot of your mug on every pay stub as a testament to your past processor purchases now is it?

The nice thing about being computer enthusiast is that right now both AMD and Intel platforms support a lot of cross compatible hardware. Sure the CPU and motherboards are platform specific, but you can share DDR2 memory, videocards and other peripherals easily enough. If PC speed is what you crave, you can jump from one processor platform to the next ever couple months, taking your memory, videocards, hard drives and everything else along with you.

Anyway, the point I'm trying make is this. As a hardware enthusiast you have the pick of some of the fastest computer hardware on the planet. Ignore the urge to stick with AMD or Intel out of tradition, go out there and find the best gear based on benchmarks!

So, who offers the best performance - is it AMD or Intel? I'm glad you asked, the answer is....

...Intel. For the moment anyway, Intel's dual and quad core processors are the king of the heap. In particular, the companies Core 2 Duo/Quad processor lineup is out-pacing AMDs current Athlon64 X2/FX processor families. That may indeed change by the end of Q4'07, or it may not.

AMD is partly to blame for its current situation. Big green has not refreshed its CPU lineup since the last time PCSTATS dished the dirt on the AMD vs. Intel slugfest. AMD won the battle back then, but relying on the now somewhat dated K8 Athlon64 processor has left AMD without a good competing CPU for Intel's "Conroe". Intel published performance results on "Conroe" for quite some time before it was officially released, so it's not like AMD was blindsided by it either.

Intel Climbs Back To The Top

For its efforts, Intel has undergone more than a few self-evaluations. It had to deal with a "Prescott" Pentium 4 voltage leak issue, it stopped pushing GHz as the singular processor metric and adopted the same kind of rating system AMD had been using for years. Then, Intel abandoned Netburst and modernized the P6 core into what we now know as the Core Solo and Core 2 Duo processor.

The Core Solo was nice, but Intel's Core 2 Duo is the real beauty. The CPU was an immediate hit among gamers from the time of its release, and it continues to out pace comparable Athlon64 processors.

Intel's previous NetBurst architecture had de-emphasized FPU power in favor of special instructions (SSE, 2, 3). This is partly the reason so many gamers ditched their Pentium 4/D computers in favor of AMD Athlon64 processors and it's more powerful FPU.

With the Intel Core processor architecture, the company finally addressed the FPU issue. Intel's "Conroe" CPU core has a very powerful FPU, and that has guaranteed a very welcome reception by gamers ever since.

As it stands in the fall of 2007, the Intel Core 2 Duo processor is generally more powerful than AMD's Athlon64 X2/FX series in games, and all around.

Whether you're working on multimedia tasks, workstation or just need raw data crunching power, the Core 2 Duo trounces AMD's best almost every time.

It's also proved its mettle as an excellent overclocker!

Early stepping Intel Core 2 Duo processors could overclock to 3.2 GHz+ on air cooling, and the recent 'G0' stepping can go even further. I've overclocked to the region of 3.8 GHz with the stock heatsink in fact.

By comparison, AMD's 90nm Athlon64 X2/FX processors have difficulty overclocking much past 3 GHz.... Make no mistake about it, clock for clock Intel's Core 2 Duo is currently faster than AMD's Athlon64 X2 and FX processors.

Thermal Output Improving

The Intel Pentium 4 and D processor series were notorious for consuming a lot of power, and consequently running quite hot. The architecture Intel based the Core 2 Duo processors on is much better in this regard. While Pentium 4 architecture was at one time headed towards 150W TDP (Typical Design power), many of its current processors are now pushing 85W or less. One generation before, Intel Pentium D CPUs hovered around the 125W TDP range, late model Core 2 Duo processors (like the E6750 ) have a 65W TDP!

It's true enough that the power values AMD and Intel specify are not entirely comparable with each other, but total system power measurements give a good basis for comparison. I've conducted some power draw measurements recently, and those tests showed that Intel is genuinely kicking high power habit. An average Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 based computer system draws about 7W more power than a budget AMD Sempron 3600+ based PC system with its single CPU core running at idle. You'd think the lower power budget AMD chip would be significantly easier on the juice than the fairly high end E6750 Core 2 Duo, but the difference is pretty small.

With an Intel Core 2 Duo system under load, total power draw results are impressive. For instance, a Core 2 Duo E6750 system consumes 163W of power (total PC power draw) when running with both CPU cores under load.

A comparable Intel Pentium D 940 system consumes 253W of power with both processing CPU cores stressed, and an AMD Athlon64 FX-62 power system consumes upwards of 235W! It's clear you can save a lot on the utility bills by switching to a CPU that sips electricity. Intel offers this, with great performance. (Please keep in mind that these are total system power draw values, not just the processor.)

I've often thought that Intel is the more innovative of the two companies when it comes to designing heatsinks for its processors. The current Core 2 Duo bifurcated radial fin heatsinks are remarkably good, and very quiet.

Gone are the days of throwing out the stock heatsink for an after market cooler the second the box is opened... For good all around CPU cooling, it's tough to beat Intel in terms of noise level. The stock heatsinks are just so quiet, thanks in large part to 90mm fans and Pulse Width Modulation which allows the rotational speed to vary based on moment to moment thermal output.

Of course, these aren't the only reasons Intel is leading with the Core 2 Duo, as we'll talk about next, chipsets play a big role....

Sano Sansar- People Meet...Love Happens...Truely Simple Youth Centric Todays Movie by a story teller Alok Nembang

300 plus music video director Mr. Alok Nembang quite relieved and might happy with the response of his debute movie "SANO S A N S A R".

Its a simple, truely youth-centric today's movie for the teenagers. No Rona Donas, some of the scenes are not neccessary as it has in the film.Songs are quite good and its perfectly fits into the situations like "Sayad Maya..", "Samjhauta.." whereas the tittle song "Sano Sansar" has been already hits the chart.The director made this movie for the youth and its quite good to watch. All the star cast has been picked perfectly in their character.Leading Actors/Actress is not a Star from Kaliwood but they are not looking as others looks in their debute. The cinematography is perfect and Kathmandu looks so beautifull as it seen till date in movies.

Direction is remarkable in terms of his debute movie and he is the new hope for the film fertinity, fine story teller. The main hero of this movie is its SIMPLICITY. Nembang excilency is to move a simple day to day life of teenagers and what it deals with the body language of casts and the tongue they used all capatulised in approx 2.20 hrs length with the theme "People Meet...Love Happen" with siplest way thats increadible.Actress Namrata Shrestha looks gorgeous and had capabilities to show her emotions with her lovely eyes as well as from body language lots of potential she has.Mahesh Shakya has shown his acting talent and fits only him with the role he has offered. Jivan Luitel has the least role as compare to both of them but he is impressive.

Ravi(Mahesh Shakya) is an average guy who has just graduated from college. Like most average guys, he doesn't know what he wants in life. Reetu(Namrata Shrestha) is a not so average girl knows what she doesn't want. Suraj(Binay Shrestha) is a sureheaded fellow who knows exactly what he wants in life. Manoj Sizapati (aka Siza) wants what every guy wants...

Little do they know that they are living in a Sano Sansar where everyone knows everyone even if they think they do not know them...

In totality this film bang on the target in cities and plexes with teenagers thats for sure.Although it has not look like a cellulide in total it can be more vibrant but wholesome its a debute film with debtant actors. Alok Nembang the name we can expect more in the future...weldone. Rating 3.5 on 5.

Dashain Special Dish- NEWARI PAKKU (KAWAF)


Mutton Big Pieces around 4X4 inch size Boneless 5 KG
Ginger Paste 10 Table Spoon
Garlic Paste 12 Table Spoon
Corriender, Cumeen Powder 5 Table Spoon
Clove Powder 1/4 Tea Spoon
Cardmom Powder 1/2 Tea Spoon
Mustard Oil 750 Ml
Pure Ghee 100 Ml
Bay Leaf 10 leafs
Salt to Taste
Turmeric To Color
Red Chilli Powder 1 Tea Spon

Mix all ingredients in a Big THICK Bottom Vassel and Knead Well for half an hour then keep a side for 2-3 hours for well marination.

Now, Put in a medium heat for 3-4 hrs with lid on top of vessel in between maximum 2-3 times only you can stir it.

After cooking take out the vessel and cool it for 1 hour then take another stainless steel bowl its should completely cool before refrigeration.

Take 2-4 pieces of Pakku and its gravy from one side from refrigerated bowl then heat on the pan then serve hot with snacks or meal its really delicious thats for sure.

ICC-Cricket Award 2008, Dubai

Wednesday,10th Sep, 2008 In Dubai ICC Cricketing Award Has Been Given for those who has the cricketing excellence through out the year in 9 categories:

Cricketer of the Year Award – Shivnarine Chanderpaul (WI)

Test Player of the Year Award – Dale Steyn (SA)

ODI Player of the Year – Mahendra Singh Dhoni (Ind)

Women's Cricketer of the Year – Charlotte Edwards (Eng)

Emerging Player of the Year – Ajantha Mendis (SL)

Associate ODI Player of the Year – Ryan ten Doeschate (NL)

Twenty20 International Performance of the Year – Yuvraj Singh (Ind)

Spirit of Cricket Award – Sri Lanka

Umpire of the Year Award – Simon Taufel

Rock On- The Movie, Really Rocks..Farhan, A Mature Actor Was Born

Put your hands together for one of the finest films of our times. Put your hands together for a director who pulls off a challenging subject with élan. Put your hands together for the actors who pitch in superlative performances.

ROCK ON!! is not just about music. It's about relationships. And relationships can get really complicated and messy as all of us would agree. ROCK ON!! captures it so beautifully, so sensitively, so effectively on celluloid.

Everything is in sync here, everything is just perfect. Flaws? Perhaps, the slow pacing. But come to think of it, you can't play with the edit in a film like this. ROCK ON!! also works because you can relate to the characters, you can relate to the moods, the egos, the highs and the lows...

In a nutshell, here's a film you just can't afford to miss. We've had our share of masala films week after week. Now have a look at a film that India can proudly showcase to the West. ROCK ON!! simply rocks!

ROCK ON!! is the story of four friends [Farhan Akhtar, Arjun Rampal, Purab Kohli, Luke Kenny] who put together the greatest band this country has ever seen, Magic, but never make it. Years later, fate conspires to bring them together again and set them on a journey back to where they left off... a soul-searching pilgrimage into their past.

ROCK ON!! bears some resemblance to the Hollywood film THAT THING YOU DO [Tom Hanks], but it could be a mere coincidence. Director Abhishek Kapoor sets it in the Indian milieu efficiently. Watch the bonding shatter into pieces for no fault of anyone in particular actually. It's the circumstances that play the villain here and Abhishek captures it on lens so beautifully. The fragile relationships, how piece after piece is put together and the journey to the climax… the narrative is so compelling, it makes you feel you're witnessing all of it first-hand.

Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy's music is perfect. It's completely in sync with the mood of the film. Connoisseurs of music have already showered the music with rave reviews and rightly so! Jason West's cinematography is fantastic. The screenplay and dialogues are commendable.

Every performance in the film deserves brownie points. Farhan Akhtar makes his debut as an actor and he displays rare maturity for a first-timer. Known as an accomplished director all along, Farhan will now be acknowledged as a mature actor as well. Arjun Rampal delivers his finest performance to date. Watch him emote those tough emotional moments and also as a failed person in the latter parts and you'd realize that he has only grown with the passage of time. Superb is the word!

Purab Kohli is tremendous and so is Luke Kenny. Purab has always delivered fine performances, but he's touched a new high this time. Luke is equally charged.

Prachi Desai scores in her very first feature. She has a challenging role and footage-wise too, it's substantial. Prachi brings in a lot of freshness and poise. Plus, she's a competent actor. Shahana Goswami is a talent to watch out for. Her performance is one of the most difficult ones for a newcomer and the confidence with which she carries it deserves to be lauded. Koel Purie has a brief role and she enacts it quite well.

On the whole, ROCK ON!! is an amazing experience. The highpoint is the emotional quotient, the skilful performances and the superb execution of the subject. At the box-office, this urban film holds tremendous appeal for metros and mini-metros. Business at multiplexes of Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and NCR, Kolkata and South in particular should be excellent. Very strongly recommended!

Noodles With Chicken

Chinese Cusin: Main Course Portion:2-4

1 lb flour noodles
10 1/2 oz boneless chicken breast, skinned
1 egg white
2 1/2 tbsp corn starch (corn flour) dissolved in 1 1/4 tbsp water
13 tbsp vegetable oil (or lard)
7 oz chives, washed well and cut into 1 inch sections
Salt to taste
1 cup chicken broth
1/4 tsp MSG

1-Shred the chicken breasts. Mix the egg white and the corn starch-water into a paste and coat the chicken shreds.
2-Heat 4 1/2 tbsp of the oil in a wok to about 212 degrees F. Add the chicken shreds and cool, stirring, until they turn white. Pour out the oil and set it aside.
3-Mix the chives, MSG, salt, and stock with the chicken and bring to a boil. Drain off and reserve the broth and seasonings. Place the chicken shreds in a bowl.
4-Boil the noodles 3 times with little water. After the final boiling rinse in cold water and drain well.
5-Heat 4 1/2 tbsp of the oil, including that used earlier, in the wok until the oil surface ripples. Tilt the wok to swirl the oil around.
6-Add the noodles in an even layer. Shallow-fry them, swirling the wok so they will be cooked evenly. Fry until browned on one side, then slide the wok, scoop or a spatula under the noodles and turn them over.
7-Sprinkle the other 4 tbsp of oil around the edges and shallow-fry the noodles until browned on the other side. Add the reserved chicken broth.
8-Cover the wok and simmer for 1 minute, or until the noodles absorb the sauce. Toss the noodles with chop sticks or a fork and add the chicken shreds.
Stir, remove, and serve.

2008 Beijing Olympic Ended- A Great Success, Sets A Landmark & Challenge To World Like This..

The Beijing Games will show the world what the Olympic Games really are: a gathering of young people who share the same goal and the same enthusiasm for sport. As well as inviting the finest athletes in the world to compete against each other, the Games will also provide a stage for China to present itself to the world during 16 days and 17 nights of sporting celebration.

Sport — Amazing Venues, Amazing Results
· A record 204 NOCs participating; record number of women participating
· 132 Olympic records, 43 world records (as of 24/8 at 9:30)
· A record 87 NOCs join medal count — the most ever
· First-ever medals for Afghanistan, Mauritius, Tajikistan and Togo; first-ever gold medals for Bahrain, Mongolia and Panama; first individual gold for India
· Rave reviews for venues, Olympic Village, transportation and Games organization

International Popularity — On Track To Become the Most-Watched Games in History
· More broadcast coverage to more people in more regions than ever
· First Olympic Games in history to have global digital coverage
· Record TV ratings in U.S. and China
· Record traffic to Games-related Web sites
· More visitors to IOC’s site in first week than during entire 2004 Games; site has received over 5 million unique visitors so far (compared to 2.8 million unique visitors during 2004, total)
· 16.5 million views on IOC’s digital channel (YouTube), across Africa, Asia and the Middle East

Olympic Magic — Memorable Moments
· Opening Ceremony awes international audience — Record audiences across the world’s major markets. 80 percent audience share in China. 50 percent share in U.S. and major European markets.
· Phelps wins eight gold medals
· Bolt streaks across finish line twice in 100-m and 200-m
· Georgian and Russian embrace at shooting range
· A half-million enthusiastic Chinese volunteers welcome Olympic visitors

Meeting Challenges

- Zero tolerance gets results; nearly 40 cheaters caught before the Games, 4 cheaters caught by IOC during Games
- Record number of athletes tested, stringent new testing requirements

Air Quality
- Competition opened on second consecutive day of Grade I air quality, a decade-long record for Beijing
- In the other 8 days, Beijing's air quality was Grade II, which still fell well within WHO and IOC standards
- Stringent monitoring protects athletes’ health

- Attendance has more than tripled since the start of the Beijing Games

"Phoonk"...a fascinating cinematic experience on Bollywood:Black Magic - Movie By Ram Gopal Verma

PHOONK is easily amongst RGV's finest works [although BHOOTH was scarier] and it holds your attention all through. As a viewer, you're keen to know how RGV would culminate this story. The culmination, of course, would meet with extreme reactions. Some would rubbish it, but the believers might endorse the finale. In my individualistic opinion, it's outstanding!

All said, PHOONK is a fantastic experience. The subject -- black magic -- is its biggest star and that alone would ensure House Full boards outside plexes/cinemas.

Rajeev [Sudeep], a successful construction engineer, with a loving wife and two children, is an atheist to the core. He scowls at people who believe in the dark forces, till one day when an evil is let loose in his happy home, which threatens to destroy his family and shake up the very foundations of his convictions and beliefs.

Thanks to the hype and curiosity generated around the movie, you expect to be scared from Scene 1 itself. And RGV emphasises on lighting and artefacts, besides an eccentric woman [Ashwini Kalsekar], to create the right atmosphere.

Of course, you do get the jhatkas in a scene or two, but you don't clasp your hands tightly even once, nor does your heart goes dhak-dhak at a lightening speed. Gradually, RGV plays with the camera [excellent camerawork by Savita Singh] and sound [Kunal Mehta, Parikshit Lalwani] to heighten the impact. Like all RGV films, the camera angles bear the unmistakable RGV stamp, while the background score [Bapi-Tutul] takes an ordinary scene to the next level.

RGV is back with a bang. There's a certain consistency from start to end and this time, he gets the right subject to prove his detractors wrong. Every sequence bears the stamp of a genius that RGV is, hits and flops notwithstanding.

The performances are uniformly good. Sudeep impresses you with an excellent performance. Amruta Khanvilkar is efficient. Baby Ahsaas Channa makes a strong impression. Ashwini Kalsekar is top notch. Zakir Hussain's tantric act is superb. Ganesh Yadav lends good support. K.K. Raina and Lilette Dubey, both doctors, are competent. Kenny Desai, Anu Ansari and the actress enacting the role of Sudeep's mother are perfect.

On the whole, PHOONK is a fascinating cinematic experience on a subject that's rarely tackled by the dream merchants in Bollywood: Black magic. The subject itself is the biggest star of the film, which would ensure a flying start at the box-office and in turn, prove a jackpot for its producers who've distributed the film themselves.

Eight Olympic GOLD for Micheal Phelps, A Greatest Olympian Ever..Broke the Record Set the Rule.

Beijing Olympics HERO..The GREAT Micheal Phelps Created a History Today the 17th of august 2008..Ya he just won the all 8 GOLD Medals in a single olympic BROKE Splitz's individual record of 7 Golds at Athence Olympic 35 years before.

When he was 15 years old, Michael Phelps competed at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, placing fifth in the 200m butterfly. The following year he broke the world record for the event, becoming, at age 15 years 9 months, the youngest male ever to set a swimming world record.

Four months later, he won his first world championship, setting another world record in the 200 butterfly. Phelps caused a sensation at the 2003 World Championships. Not only did he earn four gold medals and two silver medals, but he set four world records. In 2004, he became the first swimmer to qualify for the Olympics in six individual events. (He decided not to compete in the 200m backstroke).

At the 2004 Athens Olympics, Phelps began his assault on the record books on the first day of competition, winning the 400m individual medley by 3 ½ seconds and setting a world record. The next day he added a bronze medal in the 4x100m freestyle relay, and the day after that he picked up another bronze by setting a personal record in the 200m freestyle.

On 17 August Phelps beat out Takashi Yamamoto of Japan to win the 200m butterfly and, an hour later, he swam the leadoff leg for the U.S. 4x200m freestyle relay team that held off the Australians and gained the victory. Phelps' next gold-medal victory came in the 200m individual medley, which he won by 1.64 seconds.

In the 100m butterfly, he barely out touched teammate Ian Crocker for his seventh medal. Finally, Phelps gained a gold medal in the 4x100m medley relay by swimming the preliminary heats. By so doing, he joined gymnast Aleksandr Dityatin as the only athletes to earn eight medals at a single Olympics.

Full Name: Micheal Fred Phelps
Other names: PHELPS II, Michael
Born: 30 June 1985
Birthplace: Baltimore (USA)
Nationality: USA
Sport: Aquatics
Hair Color:Brown
Eye Color:Brown
College:University Of Michigan
Main Sponcers:AT&T, Speedo, Powerbar, VISA,Omega etc.
Official Site:www.michaelphelps.com

Speedo promise to give 1 million doller while he clinch 8 gold medals in an olympic. WELDONE! Micheal...Micheal is synonims of GOLD MEDALS AND THE WORLD RECORD HOLDER..Keep It of You are truely a legendary and greatest Olympin..Keep it up.
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Bachna Ae Haseeno - Incredible Ranbir & Bipasha

BACHNA AE HASEENO has splendid moments in the first hour. In fact, the three stories, minus the culmination of course, are beautifully told in the first hour itself. There're some attention-grabbing moments in this hour [details later] and you genuinely feel exhilarated after having watched those portions.

Now to the second hour -- the guy repents for his misdeeds and years later, goes back to the first two women in his life. That's where the problems surface...

From the writing point of view, the first story [Minissha] is given an appropriate and beautiful culmination in the second hour. But the second [Bipasha] and third [Deepika] stories face rough weather. These stories don't work and therefore, colour your judgement on the movie. Like it happens with most Hindi films, the writing is the culprit here as well. It lacks the power to keep you hooked in the second hour.

The film talks of three love stories: Raj(Ranbir Kapoor) and Mahi [Minissha], Raj and Radhika [Bipasha], Raj and Gayatri [Deepika]. Different ladyloves at different times in his life. And each of them teach him a little bit about love and a little bit about life, in their own sweet, sexy or sassy way.

Director Siddharth Raj Anand knows the craft too well by now and his handling of the romantic and emotional scenes is worth appreciating. Take the sequence at the airport -- Minissha stands stunned listening to Ranbir's tale of 'conquest', with tears rolling down her cheeks. The silence says it all! but it is letdown by the script. Cinematography is a class apart. Dialogues are good at times.

Ranbir Kapoor is marvellous. An incredible actor. One will run out of adjectives and personifications describing his performance. Amongst girls, Bipasha Basu stands the tallest. First RACE and now BACHNA AE HASEENO, the actress is finally getting the right roles that do justice to her talent. Also, she looks fab! Minissha doesn't work at the start, but scores in the emotional scenes, especially in the second hour. Deepika is a sore point. Her role isn't convincing and that's the reason why this performance doesn't work. The only consolation is, she looks gorgeous.

On the whole, BACHNA AE HASEENO has an interesting first half, but a weak second hour spoils the show. At the box-office, thanks to the hype built around the film, the opening weekend should be great, but beyond that, has tough chances of sustaining. Multiplexes at some big centres would be better, but that's no consolation.

The Greates Event Ever On History "Beijing Olympic" Began..

On 8th of August 2008(2008-08-08)at sharp 8 o'clock the history was created the ossum 'Bird's Nest' the newly created stadium for Olympic is packed with 90000 spectators and more than 40 million people watched the Grand Openning of the event of the century.This has been marvellous to watch the super power in asia, the chinese technologies and the power.

The 5 rings logo of the olympic starts the ceromony and lotz of people live act work visualising 5000 years long ancient history to new era of china as well as the computerised efects and the fireworks all are the eye captivating moment of a human life end with chinese olympian walk in air to lit the fire on Olympic TOURCH. Great Event True Effort Amazingly Done With Hard Work With Passion, the theme of this Beijing Olympic is "One World, One Dream" and Theme Song is "You & Me...".The Uforgotable Event Ever...Congratulations!
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Tomato & Mozzarella Salad

4 large ripe tomatoes, sliced into 1/4-inch thick slices
3/4-lb. fresh mozzarella, sliced into 1/4-inch thick slices
1/3 cup sun-dried tomatoes packed in oil, drained
3 tbsps balsamic vinegar
1 clove garlic, pressed
2 tsps salt
1/4 tsp. red pepper flakes
2/3 cup extra virgin olive oil
1/2 cup fresh basil leaves, cut into julienne strips

For dressing, in a food processor or blender, blend sun-dried tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, garlic, salt and red pepper flakes until well combined. With machine running, gradually add olive oil in a steady stream; process until well combined.
On a large, chilled platter, arrange tomato slices and fresh mozzarella. Top with fresh-sliced basil. Just before serving, drizzle with dressing. Serve immediately.
Leftover dressing to the rescue: Any remaining dressing may be served with a fresh salad or used as a dip for crusty bread or vegetables. Brush some on poultry or seafood before grilling.
Quick tip: If you are pressed for time, simply arrange tomatoes and mozzarella on well-chilled platter. Drizzle with a 2:1 ratio of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Season to taste with salt, pepper and fresh basil.
Preparation time: 15 minutes

Cool watermelon Slush

6 ice cubes
2 cups cubed seeded watermelon
1 teaspoon honey

Place the ice cubes into a blender. Cover, and pulse until crushed. Add the watermelon and blend for about 1 minute, until slushy. Add the honey, and blend for about 10 seconds.

Shing Is King-Delicious Movie, Block Buster HIT.

Lakhan Singh aka Lucky [Sonu Sood] is the King of the Australian underworld, accompanied by his associates [played by Javed Jaffrey, Neha Dhupia, Manoj Pahwa, Yashpal Sharma, Kamal Chopra and Sudhanshu Pande]. Far away, in a small village in Punjab, where Lucky was born, there exists someone more notorious than him -- Happy Singh [Akshay Kumar].

The village is fed up of Happy’s magnanimity, which has resulted in a number of hilariously disastrous situations. Out of desperation, they decide to send him on a long trip [that will keep him out of the village for a while!] to bring Lucky back to Punjab, as his despicable deeds were maligning their image in Australia.

The happy-go-lucky bumpkin, taking his mission a bit too seriously, embarks on his journey, accompanied by his friend, Rangeela [Om Puri], who hates Happy for dragging him into it.

The high point of his journey is his chance meeting with Sonia [Katrina Kaif], with whom he falls in love, but upon reaching his destination, things take a precarious turn as he runs into a series of comic misadventures, leaving him penniless. He is fortunate to find warmth and affection in an elderly lady [Kirron Kher].

In a strange turn of events, an attempt on Lucky’s life is foiled by a well-intentioned Happy, who fights off the attackers by risking his own life. Following the altercation, Lucky lands up in hospital paralyzed and Happy, unexpectedly, finds the tables turned on him when he is expected to assume the role of the new King.

Few minutes into the film and you know that SINGH IS KINNG is a lavish spectacle that’s high on entertainment. Sonu Sood chasing a gora assassin at the very start or minutes later, Akshay chasing a hen -- SINGH IS KINNG starts with gusto.

And Bazmee doesn’t let you wear your thinking caps all through the first hour. From India to Egypt to Australia, from the comforts of his home in Punjab, to the humble abode of a woman selling flowers in Sydney [Kirron Kher], SINGH IS KINNG involves you in the journey.

And then Akshay becomes the King. Oh, how he becomes the King is equally hilarious. The sequence at the hospital [Sonu Sood is diagnosed with a weird disorder] is simply hilarious. There’s a twist in the tale at the intermission point and the second hour, therefore, shifts gears -- it changes from kabhi funny, kabhi drama to a prem kahani.

Pritam’s music is already popular and it compliments the goings-on completely. ‘Bhootni Ke’, ‘Jee Karda’ and the title track stand out, while ‘Teri Ore’ is easy on the nerves. Ben Nott and Sanjay Gupta’s cinematography is top notch.

Akshay Kumar takes rapid strides with SINGH IS KINNG. Sure, you’ve seen him in comic fares time and again and perhaps, there might be a doubt, Will he carry it off yet again? Oh yes, he does! There’s no saturation point as far as this actor is concerned. He holds your attention in every sequence, irrespective of how strong the scene is, and that’s the biggest compliment for any actor. SINGH IS KINNG without Akki is like an ocean without marine life. Akshay rules!

The camera loves Katrina Kaif and it shows in SINGH IS KINNG too. She looks bewitching and enacts her part with tremendous confidence. Kirron Kher is superb and so is Om Puri. Terrific performances! They compliment Akki so well. Ranvir Shorey is first-rate.

On the whole, SINGH IS KINNG lives up to the hype and hoopla. Want a joyride without taxing your brains? Board the SINGH IS KINNG wagon. At the box-office, the film will fetch a hurricane-like start. The paid previews, the opening weekend, the first week business, everything will be record-shattering. Notwithstanding the new oppositions in the weeks to come, SINGH IS KINNG will rule the hearts of the aam junta [whose verdict matters the most] as also the box-office, proving a record holder in the final tally. Blockbuster Hit!

Singing BOWL-Relaxation into Inner Space.

The most obvious effect of singing bowls is the deep relaxation they can produce. I have seen people going into as state of deep relaxation in only five or ten minutes. After a stressful day, I play my biggest bowl, and after half an hour I feel totally relaxed. A welcome healing tool in our modern times!

For the best results, lie down in a comfortable position,
and place the bowl on your chest. It is advisable to put an anti-slip mat (small rolls of it are available in hardware stores, an open mesh rubber matting usually for kitchen use) under the bowl, so it will not slide down. Take the striker in your hand and strike the bowl. It takes a little practice to strike the bowl at the right angle. You will notice that, because the bowl is so close to your ears now, that you can hear more of the lower sounds. Most important is that you can feel the physical vibration of the bowl going into your chest and from there spread to other parts of the body. Some people can even feel the vibrations go through their legs. The chest, being an air chamber, acts as a resonator, and the sound waves traveling through the body are a fine massage to all the cells and organs, plus the sounds picked up by the ears make the brain waves go into a relaxed state.

Depending on the shape of your body you might want to raise up your head a little, otherwise the bowl the bowl might slide towards your face. You can always use a finger tip or two to control the position of the bowl to get it just right. Listen to the sound waves and their patterns, the lower and higher sounds and let yourself ride on an ocean of sound. It will make you so relaxed that after a while you may forget to strike the bowl again. Of course you can put the bowl on your belly, or even on your legs if you want to. Again, depending on how you are built you can lie face down and put the bowl on your upper back. It’s not as easy, but it can be so good for tension there.

Ma Ta Sikkime Hazur- Saurams First Cross Border Video Directed By- Alok Nembang

Couple of weeks ago a Nepali Thito Offered To Act A Video Directed By Welknown Director(Music Video, Documentory & Celluloid) Mr. Alok Nembang and Its Been So Great To See A 21 Years Old Nepali Guy Act So Confidently In A Cross Border Visual For Sikkim, India. The Glimps Are Looking Beautifull and Location As Well .

The New Artist Is Called "Sauram Raj Tuladhar". He Has Already Done Couple Of Music Video Like " Bhandinah Ma..." Bijesh Poudel's "Saloni" Janak Deep Fame and Seems Quite Promising And Definaetly this " Ma Ta Sikkimme Hajur " Boosts His Acting Talent. Weldone Sauram!


Gajar Ko Haluwa

Gajar Ka Halwa
Portio: 10 Preparation time: 45-50 minutes Cusine: Indian Desert
5 cups milk
1 tin sweetened condensed milk
3/4 kg carrots
1-2 tbsp sugar
2 tsp ghee or butter
50g nuts/raisins

1-Grate the carrots, add to the milk and bring to a boil. Cook on slow fire stirring occasionally, till milk dries up.

2-Add condensed milk and sugar. Cook on slow fire till dry (for about 25 to 30 minutes) stirring occasionally.
3-Add ghee and cook for another 10 minutes.
4-Garnish with nuts, raisins and serve hot.

Chicken Biryani

Portion: 4-6 Course: Main Cusine:Indian

1 kg basmati rice
1 kg chicken
3-4 onions, chopped into long slices
8 green chilies, sliced long
1 cup coconut, grated
A pinch of saffron
2 cups ghee (butter) or oil
Salt to taste
1 tsp chili powder
1 bunch cilantro, mint leaves
6 each cloves, cardamoms, cinnamon
2 tbsp coriander and khus khus seeds
4 garlic flakes, sliced long
1 cm ginger piece
2 bay leaves
Few cashew nuts

1-Wash the rice, drain off all the water and keep aside.
2-Mix coconut, coriander and khus khus seeds, 2 cloves, 2 cinnamon, 2 cardamoms, 2 onions and blend them to a fine paste.
3-Heat ghee in a pan, fry the remaining spices, chopped onions, green chilies and garlic for a few minutes.

4-Cut the chicken into desired pieces and add to this mixture with coriander and mint leaves.
5-Also add salt, chili powder, turmeric, ginger-garlic paste and cook the chicken by covering the pan. Add water if required.
6-Now add ground paste to the pieces and cook until it is done.
7-Boil water in another pan, add washed rice to the water with saffron and cook until it is tender. Remove from heat and drain off all the water.
8-In a separate wide pan, place the rice at the bottom as a layer and above this, place the chicken pieces as another layer. Repeat this process until the rice and chicken ends.
9-Sprinkle the lemon juice on top and allow it to cook on low heat for about 10 minutes.

Kismat Connection-The Kismat On BoxOffice is Strong

Raj [Shahid Kapur] was numero uno. In academics, sports, dramatics. But four years after winning the best-student-of-the-year trophy from his architectural college, he's wondering why a brilliant architect like him, with designs to set the Canadian landscape on fire, is still struggling to find that one big chance to showcase his mettle.

It's almost as though some negative kismat is following him around because whenever something good is about to happen, it seems doomed to fail.

Desperate to get rid of the bad phase in his life, Raj meets a quirky oracle, Hasina Bano Jaan [Juhi Chawla]. She tells him that soon his stars will change and make everything work in his favour; but for all this to happen, Raj has first to find his lucky charm and never let go of it. But she tells him no more, leaving Raj mystified, trying to figure out what this charm could be.

Suddenly, his life seems to be on the right track. He's managed to impress top builder Sanjeev Gill [Om Puri] into giving him a prestigious project.

Priya [Vidya Balan] is a tough-talking, tough-decision taking girl with a heart of gold. She is an idealist who is intent on making the world a better, more humane place and is quite willing to fight a lone battle for it.

Raj succeeds in persuading Priya that he's the Messiah who can save her beloved Community Centre from destruction. And also opens her eyes to her philandering fiancé [Amit Verma]. Raj even manages to thwart the evil designs of old-college-foe-turned-deadly-professional-enemy Dave [Manoj Bohra]. Does this mean that Raj has unwittingly discovered his lucky charm?

Recall Aziz Mirza's movies. In practically all his films, the protagonist is aspiring to make it big in life. There's a constant struggle on both levels, personal and professional. KISMAT KONNECTION is no different. Sure, KISMAT KONNECTION isn't entirely original. It bears an uncanny resemblance to JUST MY LUCK [2006; Lindsay Lohan, Chris Pine], but it has been adapted quite well in the Indian milieu. What also sets apart is that Mirza's films have a subtle message and KISMAT KONNECTION is no exception.

KISMAT KONNECTION is primarily a love story that viewers may have visited several times in the past, but let's not forget, romance can never ever go out of fashion. Mirza and co-director Haroun Mirza succeed in presenting the highs and lows in a relationship with maturity. The situations are simple, there's no place for melodrama here. But Mirza should've taken care in maintaining its pace and length in the second hour. The film could've easily done away with a number of scenes.

Pritam's music is ear-pleasing. 'Aai Paapi' and 'Bakhuda Tumhi Ho' are haunting compositions, while Ahmed Khan's choreography in the former takes your breath away. Binod Pradhan's cinematography is top notch and the icing on the cake is the breath-taking locales of Canada.

Shahid is a complete natural, very likable, very believable. Post JAB WE MET, the actor has attained that rare confidence which shows in his performances. Watch him get the emotional moments right and you know that the actor has only matured with time. You may have pre-conceived notions vis-à-vis his pairing with Vidya, but let's tell you that they look perfect. The trimmed hair and minimal makeup make Vidya look pretty. Acting-wise too, she pitches in a fine performance.

Juhi tends to go over the top, but that's the demand of the role. Om Puri is first-rate. Himani Shivpuri is fantastic and her Punjabi accent will bring the house down. Vishal Malhotra is efficient. Manoj Bohra acts very well.

On the whole, KISMAT KONNECTION is a simple film that has its own charm. It's no path-breaking cinema, but it works. At the box-office, its kismet should be strong at multiplexes and the wide release, coupled with no opposition, will help its distributors reap a benefit. Business in Overseas, where it has been given an extensive release, should also be good.

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